Morales Family Addition"
Framing is under way, green plate is all bolted down and over half of level 1 joists are in place...

The bay window wall is coming out...

After the first day - 11 hours - we have 2/3 of the wall back up and a number of joists replaced
including much of the 30-ish feet of rim-joist that has to be replaced due to water damage. Covered Up for the night...

The second day we got the remaining floor and joists removed and replaced, finished the framing, sheeted the wall,
and we put a window in what will be a 5 foot wide doorway in a few months, to get some light into the room for Marian and the girls.

Framing up a support wall under the existing on the addition side is 75% now, and the living room drywall is closed up for a while.

Framing of the first, the southern-most wall is complete and wall number two follows shortly after.

Framing of the third wall, the entire western side, is complete and walls number four and five are done quickly.
You can see the tallest wall in the project laying on the floor in a few of the following shots.
Marian opted for plywood everywhere we could use it, as opposed the saving $1,000 on the most common, cheaper sheeting.
The rain would have been a bit tough on that cheap stuff (OSB), good call Marian!

Framing of the tallest, 18+ foot high wall is complete. It must be sheeted, elevated 12 inches, shifted over 15 inches,
and lowered 12 inches into place. We are estimating the wall weighing in at just about 2,400 pounds so this will be tricky...

After about 4 hours of jacking, propping and heaving, we got the wall up, over, and down into place.

Here are a couple of shots not long after the lift began. The third picture is the overhanging plywood trick we had to deal with.

Sitting about 8 feet higher than the existing, it looks pretty tall from every angle.

Three more walls up today: the long, North wall and two interiors. Only a few more left downstairs...

A second-story view of the first story as of August 14, 2009.

It gets a little old being stared at by the neighbor and her kids, they even walk right on through our project just about daily!

Second Floor Joists and sheeting went on in a day - 1 Kangus and 3 helpers can crank it out when necessary! Check out that view...

Took a couple of days to complete the re-roof of the existing, but back on framing now, and almost done...

All exterior wall framing is complete now, only a few interiors and some misc framing left. Trusses arrive Sept. 3rd.

September 3, trusses arrive and things start flying up onto the building...

All second story trusses are set the first day.

September 4 and all roof sheeting is done, we are ready to roof.

September 9 - All Roofing is Complete.

September 30 - The last window went in today, all exterior windows are in.

September 30 - The front door and sidelights also went in today, all exterior doors are in.