Morales Family Addition"
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April 24 had to tear out more sub-flooring, repair, and replace.
Railings, Decking, Flooring & Carpet, some trim, and minor excavating are all that remains.

April 14 - Addition interior painting, trim electrical, trim plumbing, flooring, and stair treads are done.
Misc paint touch-ups, stair railing, and one door are all that remains. Remodel in existing still underway.
Almost all move-in complete in the new building now, just blinds and pictures, and some misc. details to go.

February 19 - Painting, lighting and electrical, plumbing are all 99 percent.
Kitchenette and master bath are almost complete. Flooring in the master suite begins next week!

February 12 - Interior painting is 95 percent done, data/com, switches, outlets, light fixtures are as well.
Both Powders are fully operational. Ready for doors, trim and touch-ups!

The light brown / gray color is to be repainted cream to match the master.

Ready for flooring and trim in here...

Ready for flooring and trim in here as well...

Recessed Lighting is in the recessed ceiling in the living room now - 14 total.

Stairs are framed, and curves are 95% ready for drywall.

We passed the insulation inspection on Thursday, Dec. 17 and the drywall arrived on the 18th.

The master suite was the first to go.

Next was the powder, the adjacent office, and the hallway.

By mid-Thursday, we were done in the living room, put up the lower entry ceiling plus a few, and moved upstairs for a couple of hours.